American “Dream”

There’s something terribly wrong in paradise.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, stop reading now.  You’re not likely going to appreciate what follows.  The American Dream is lost, and the funny thing about it was that it has always been merely a dream, a fantasy.  The reality of the American Dream, was that it was such a masterful piece of propaganda and worked so well, that even faced with the blatant proof of its illusion, a majority of people will go to their graves believing in it.  Yes dear readers, deny it if you must, but the American “Dream” has been a scam.

Denial.  It’s not just a river in Africa.  In fact, denial may be the single most common trait in Americans today.  And why shouldn’t it be?  Our leaders and our televisions teach us how to do it so well.  Denial of the truth is understandable, because truth has become subjective.  If a person has lived with a world view, or paradigm, based on lies their entire life, accepts those lies as truth, and there are millions of people agreeing with that false paradigm, then they collectively declare their views to be the truth.  But truth is supposed to be derived from facts, which are objective, and from which these people are intentionally left devoid.  Throw in the condition that their jobs, livelihood, friends and sometimes family relationships depend on staying in denial, it’s not hard to see why many fight so hard against the truth.

For example, some people will watch Mainstream Media (MSM) and learn that the sky is green, and argue with you for days that it is so, without ever stepping outside to see for themselves.  Some who do go out to look even come back in swearing it actually is green.  They may be so deluded that their brains actually register blue as green.  But then ask them what color the trees are.  If they are not complete morons, worth nobodies time, they will answer green.  At which time you can ask them to compare the sky and the tree.  Don’t get your hopes up though.

Don’t take arguing with people as a challenge, it is a complete waste of time.  People like the one I just described should be considered a lost case.  However, by not engaging directly after exposing them, you might be surprised that by simply scratching their paradigm, they may actually emerge as a critical thinker on their own in the future.   Despite the layers upon layers of propaganda and denial, most humans crave truth above all else.  It just takes some much longer to be able to digest it without getting physically or psychologically ill.

To me, the American Dream was a safe place where I could have a family, raise my kids, have a good standard of living, retire and be secure.  Where I could own a home without threats to my liberty from the government or others because we had laws that protected against that.  For me, it never was about making a million dollars, or becoming President.

What was the American Dream to you?  (Comments)

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